Corpsessed – Abysmal Thresholds [Finland, Death] (2014)

Dark Descent | 2-4-14

Dark Descent | 2-4-14

I sort of get the introduction to Corpsessed’s debut Abysmal Thresholds. The thundering entrence to the album acts as sort of fanfare following two well reviewed EPs. It is an archway that could be thought of as, well, an abysmal threshold. Corpsessed begs its listener to fall backwards into Lovecraftian death where only madness and the occult hold political sway. While not as cavernous as bands like Grave Miasma, Corpsessed is one of a handful of bands from Finland which makes convincing and sometimes unnerving death metal.

Aside from a healthy dose of grim atmosphere, Abysmal Thresholds succeeds because of classic death metal techniques like guitar solos and the unflinching guttural growl. Aside from the demonic subject matter, Corposssed takes its cures from the gore splattered bands of the past. With all that said, they are also the ones which continue to make the sound interesting. Oh, also the cover is completely amazing and further convinces me death metal could be the soundtrack to the Golgari guild from Magic the Gathering.

There has been much discussion on the resurgence of death metal within the past 10 years. I believe we are past the point in thinking of it as a wave and rather an era of bands using old school techniques in new and exciting ways. What is the sound of bats exiting the belfry and rot which infests ones’ very soul? Corpsessed is the answer to everything.