Amenaza – Demo MMXV [US, Doom / Hardcore] (2015)

Self Released | 1-26-15

Self Released | 1-26-15

Hardcore has always been something that is no stranger tot his blog. Though the flirtation between metal and hardcore has been done by others in the past, its variation and sound could range from the absolute terrible to the sublime. Amenaza is from Kansas and though its body is undoubtly hardcore, old traditional doom metal runs through its veins. Amenaza’s flagship demo sets sail attempting to bring slow motion devastation to what ever shore is breached.

Though there is nothing inherintly special about Amenaza’s sound, the excecution in its style is mor ethan entertaining. Additionally, the variety in their demo is mroe than enough to keep interest for its short running time. From the languid and heavy opener, “Litany of Atrocity” to the more traditional hardcore “Sun Bleached,” the band pulls together a decent portion of both styles and makes it work for its short time. Demo MMXV is heavy in both sound and existential outlook. The torturous police soundclips in “No Oversight” make for one bummer of a track. Despite this, given the right crummy disposition, Amenaza maybe perfect for any occasion but more so for a bleak one.

At this moment Amenaza has the correct sound and style for a really neat combination of doom and hardcore. The sound could really go either way as the band could drift into higher production and possibly a larger audience. I cant really hold any band to one certain sound but at this moment, Demo MMXV is pretty damn interesting and entertaining.