Sulphur Aeon – Gateway To The Antisphere [Germany, Death] (2015)

Imperium Productions | 4-3-13

Imperium Productions | 4-3-13

Holy Gods in the void beyond space, look at that cover. Few times does artwork move me to tears as Sulphur Aeon’s cover for Gateway to the Antisphere. Ola Larsson, who did the band’s previous records as well as Disma’s Towards the Megalith and Death Fortress’ Among the Ranks of the Unconquerable, provides Sulphur Aeon with a unique view into the otherworldly which just by history, should fit the band’s music perfectly.

Sulphur Aeon, from previous records, have been known as a band which incorporates Lovecratian themes within a densely varied palette of high production death metal. The band’s previous record Swallowed By The Ocean’s Tide was enriched by its atmosphere and ability to travel into the depths and heights of sound. Gateway To The Antisphere retains the same sort of production yet pushes its riffs and hooks out of the surface to allow it crawl on the land. The result is music similar to current Behemoth and once active Obscura. While comparisons can get strange it should be noted that Gateway To The Antisphere successfully balances brutality and clarity into a record which costumes itself until it is near monstrous.

Sulphur Aeon currently resides on the smallish label Imperium Productions which is indirectly related to Century Media from its owner Philipp Schulte. I only mention this because Sulphur Aeon feels as if they are destined for larger audiences. From the lyrics, sound, and commanding artwork, Sulphur Aeon could be a breakout success in 2015. Perhaps this is the year in which the Outer Gods finally consume this petty world. Gateway to the Antisphere gets me excited for the swallowing of the earth.