Kafirun – Glorification of Holy Death [Canada, Black] (2015)

Self Released | 3-3-15

Self Released | 3-3-15

Part of the reason why I enjoy writing these reviews is finding interesting music which may or may not be flying out of others range. Glorification of Holy Death was released in March of this year and has yet to make any sort of large dent. Sure popularity is relative but Kafirun’s angular take on black metal is interesting enough that it could be enjoyed by a large section of listeners — at least the ones who are left after the culling.

Glorification of Holy Death is effective for subtle reasons. first of all the band’s take on black metal is traditional as the guitarwork, vocals, and overall tempo is undeniably black metal. With that said, the bands pacing and angle on black metal is something that makes Glorification of Holy Death interesting. From breathy vocals to odd time signatures, to monotone chants under what sounds like evocations, Kafirun sounds less like a black metal record and more like an unholy ritual which is only going to end in something terrible.

It is interesting to hear Kafirun bearing the torch of angular and slightly avant black metal in the absence of some of the larger bands no longer making music. Additionally, the quality and production on Glorification of Holy Death is indicative of a larger label rather than a self released act. The whole thing feels very surprising which given the amount of eerie atmosphere is perfect for the presentation. Whatever Kafirun really is, Glorification of Holy Death is something which should be taken with caution and care.