Shaidar Logoth – Chapter II: The Ritualist [US, Black/Drone] (2015)

Self Released | 3-1-15

Self Released | 3-1-15

Well, okay. This is something interesting. Shaidar Logoth seems to be the side project for Adam Clemans current front man for the Profound Lore act Wolvhammer and onetime vocalist for Veil of Maya and Steven Henningsgard who already collaborated with the singer for Iron Thrones. Though all bands involved are under the extreme metal umbrella, the work for Shaidar Logoth is something different. Chapter II: The Ritualist continues the band’s near silent lamentation of noise, despair, and complete obliteration of the self.

Chapter II: The Ritualist follows a very familiar style of near obscured lo fi black metal which is steeped in misery and abandonment. Clemans’ voice is almost indistinguishable from the cacophony of instruments played by Henningsgard. If this seems surprising at all it is only because previous work by both musicians has been supported by some sort of melody. Shaidar Logoth is the complete collapse of harmony and consonance for a flood of noise and desolate imagery. This jump from progressive death and sludge into ambient bedroom black metal may seem hasty especially given for the opputinity to gain some sort of imaginary credibility. Shaidar Logoth has the possibility of doing that yet their music is too interesting it doesn’t seems to much matter.

At 7 minutes longer than its debut demo, Shaidar Logoth manages to make their own sound more interesting by reeling in the vocals which dominated the debut release. Chapter II: The Ritualist is much more concerned with atmosphere that its predecessor and succeeds because of its desire to craft music rather than impress with a style. If the band is slowly working up to a full length, these two steps are a fascinating path into the jaws of a hellish beast.