False – Untitled [US, Black] (2015)

Gilead Media | 6-16-15

Gilead Media | 6-16-15

Oh my goodness. There are so many jokes that could be made about a metal band whoese name is False. I feel if this US black metal act wasn’t so wrought with tension and terror, there could be more jokes made at their expense. False is 6 piece from Minnesota who do not title their records rather just leave them Untitled. While this could be seen as pretentious, the band’s music once again allows them to skirt major criticism. Also the music splits the ground asunder.

The band’s decision to leave their debut full length untitled is sort of interesting. Unlike other bands with their untitled records, False chooses to have their song titles not with anonymous numerals rather very descriptive titles. “The Deluge,” “Hedgecraft” and “Saturnalia” all speak to a record which is overflowing with character and flavor. Additionally, the “Untitled” title track makes False’s naming conventions ever more odd. When this is combined with wretched black metal with vocals which pour from the band’s female lead, the music, which is gargantuan in length, becomes almost enigmatic.

False has grown from oddball black metal to something still odd but with much more weight. Compared to the band’s Untitled EP, False’s full length breathes and succeeds on multiple levels. Even though the band as a six piece sounds like a 3 piece with occasional synth, the bulk of musicians work together and creates delicate moments such as the introduction to “Entropy,” and closing of “The Deluge.” At 60 minutes, these 5 tracks do more than quell any potential jokes about legitimacy. It is not like true and false really mean anything in heavy metal but the potential for humor is always there.