Akitsa – Grands tyrans [Canada, Black] (2015)

Hospital Productions | 6-2-15

Hospital Productions | 6-2-15

There is a certainly which comes with Akista. One knows before they get into the record that things will most likely come with little refinement and most likely sound like a brick being dropped down the middle of an empty stairwell. This is what Akitsa is and probably will ever be. With all of that said, Grans tyrans sounds nasty like previous records and never disappoints.

Akista loves their themes. Themes of darkness. Themes of primitivism. Themes of the history. Once one gets past the screaching vocals and the punkish undertow, Grand Tyrans is an exhausting record of both emotion and theme. Sung / screeched entirely in French, the band takes their time in crafting a record which is both devastating and entertaining for the listener. What makes Grands tyrans a success however is the dedication and confidence of both musicians to make black metal which is bordering on insanity. The plodding tempo of songs like the title track, which rests following an emotional spoken word tracks, plinks away with lo fi synth and a voice which ranges from blown out psych to strangled struggle. Between this and tracks which wander from low fi black to crust punk, Akitsa has made something which is not that original but 100% effective.

The actual full length records from Akista comes with a lot of patience. 2010 was the last full length release from the Canadian duo and before that is was 4 years. Between records however, Akitasa lends their services to splits and demos which fill the gap for anyone who is potentially listening. The collaborations range from US based Ash Pool to German Armatus. Paging through the list of splits by Akista is a journey through underground black metal with more and more bands that have skirted recognition or even introduction. Allowing oneself to become acquainted with this band could potentially lead to more relationships of hate, depression, and self loathing. I can not think why you would not be excited.