Blaze of Perdition – Near Death Revelations [Poland, Black] (2015)

Agonia Records | 6-26-15

Agonia Records | 6-26-15

Well, look at that. A black metal band from Poland who writes angular and dense music revolving around themes such as death and spirituality. It also looks like their album cover is a particularly artsy illustration which could probably come from an obscure occult manuscript. Well, it seems like Blaze of Perdition has everything in order and there is really nothing to worry about. These guys got everything covered.

It is important to identify current trends in heavy metal and what is exciting people. Though there are tons of different angles for both black and death metal, the last couple of years has been a wonderful time for a particular thematic push for more heady subject matter combined with a matured sound which relies heavily on atmosphere and riffs. Similar to bands like Swallowed, Thantifaxath, and actually most bands signed to labels like Dark Descent and Fallen Empire, Blaze of Perdition comes with a very clear intention of existential ruin. Though Blaze of Perdition looks like most of its contemporaries in extreme metal, Near Death Revelations stands on the shoulders of others to offer a record of complete torment.

Blaze of Perdition comes with a few years of recommendations and other well received records. Though the leap from their 2011 record The Hierophant and Near Death Revelations doesn’t come with a huge difference in sound, the elongation in nearly every track adds the right amount of mediation and atmosphere which makes a good black metal record fantastic and entertaining. I do not even know why I spent time talking about this. This band has everything under control.