Possession – 1585-1646 [Belgium, Black/Death] (2015)

Iron Bonehead | 6-6-15

Iron Bonehead | 6-6-15

Oh that’s cool. What is that? Is that a child being sacrificed by moonlight among a group of armored and robed deviants. Amazing. Is that a bell tolling over the sound of rumbling thunder for an intro? You had me at thunder. There are sometimes when an album cover can tell a story a thousand pages long. Possession’s 6 minute intro into their 24 minute EP comes with such tension and grand celebration that it is hard not to get excited when everything breaks into complete fucking panic.

Just glancing over the production credits of 1585-1646 assures the listener that Possession’s second EP is being supported by Iron Bonehead which is a pretty large vote of confidence for the its consumer. At the very least, Possession will take off a few limbs and at most, ones’ soul will be decimated. Though this band has been hiding on the periphery for a few years, 1585-1646 is a proper introduction to a band who has much to say and is not going to be very nice about how they say it.

To be honest, I have little idea what the title means aside from the dates of existence for a 16th century English courtier and art collector Thomas Howard. I am pretty sure I am wrong about this but I find it interesting if such a vile sound was in dedication to a seemingly mild patron of the arts. I was expecting something awful and I found nothing. I am probably wrong but I hope I am right.