Nevoa – The Absence of Void [Portugal, Atmospheric Black] (2015)

Altare Productions | 6-29-15

Altare Productions | 6-29-15

For the most part, location and place of origin is only cosmetic when evaluating music. Sure it is interesting to highlight certain scenes and possible movements based on region and good records from places with other good records is something of note. I would be lying if I said that the fact that this atmospheric black metal record was rom Portugal did not give a reason for a second glance. This is not because Portugal is lacking in heavy metal bands rather that their metal bands seem to be operating at normal capacity with the majority still unheard. This country is about to explode.

The Absence of Void carries with it a lot of influences. In its raw approach to atmospheric black metal with a reliance on blast beats, Nevoa can be linked to bands like Weakling, Wodensthrone, and Wolves in the Throne Room as it tries to balance its heavy parts with moments of quiet. In fact, the opener “A thousand Circles” is a delicate balance of quiet strumming contrasted with an almost flat black metal section of snare and tremolo. This whole thing would be dull if not for the care and craft the band takes to each of their songs. For something that has been overdone so many times in the past, The Absence of Void is a refreshing icy dip back into waters which seem of have warmed overtime.

A good atmospheric black metal record makes things interesting throughout rather than resting on formula. by the end of album with the dizzyingly entertaining title track and closer, Nevoa shows themselves as not just an interesting Portuguese metal band but an interesting metal band who seem to have broken out of a sea of warm water. From the harsh to the quiet to the relatively calm like the solo female folk which occupies “Alma,” this is a record to listen to even if you have thrown your arms up at atmospheric black metal. If you are not apart of that camp, sit on down on this rug and fall back slowly.