Human Bodies – Demo MMXV [US, Black / Punk] (2015)

Self Released | 7-14-15

Self Released | 7-14-15

Oh this is horrible — in the best way possible. From an area that isn’t super well known for caustic black metal infused with punk comes a demo which has been out for a few months lying in wait for unsuspecting passerbys. I am wondering how I missed this the first time around but the subsequent playing made me never forget the violent images and sounds. Human Bodies is terrifying from the fact their pictures have them in masks to the guttural deathcry on this short 12 minutes.

At this moment, Human Bodies have released one full length which is hilariously shorter than this current demo. Even though each of the three tracks only comes in just shy of 5 minutes, that time is spent in an eternity writhing in agony. “Plague” is a highlight on this demo with its riffs which make only small waves under an ocean of noise. In the time it takes to smoke two cigarettes, Human Bodies rearranges existence to be more unnerving. This is a band that knows what it needs to do and will use whatever medium and time allotment to do so.

I love finding music like this and being introduced to a world of horror I had not prepared for. Compared to their 2014 full length No Life, Demo MMXV is more structured in its chaos. “Sterile Abyss” concludes the album with a near shapeless aberrations of terror taking cues from bands like Abyssal and Portal. From 1 minute punk blasts which marked their sound last year, this band seeming to gearing up for either the apocalypse or another full length. Whatever it is, it will certainly be horrible — in the best way possible.