Shrine of Insanabilis – Disciples of the Void [Germany, Black] (2015)

World Terror Committee | 9-22-15

World Terror Committee | 9-22-15

That is it. I officially want to just slow down 2015 in terms of decent black metal releases until deal with everything that is on my desk. If you have kept up at all with Fallen Empire, Dark Descent, Iron Bonehead, and Hells Headbangers, the amount of good music that one has to get through just in the last couple of months is almost insurmountable. Then Shrine of Insanabilis comes along and without any demos or EPs to their name, they release a dense full length which is fully mature as well a vicious killer.

There is little to know about Shrine of Insanabilis other than there are four members without any names attached and with a few promo photos of faceless bodies in leather jackets and bullet belts. This seems pretty alright. What makes Shrine of Insanabilis so intriguing is the level of production in Disciples of the Void as the sharpness of terror is almost palatable. Songs like “Still of this earth” and “Invocation” are so rich with its destruction that it is hard to believe that these 4 came out of nowhere or without any fanfare. Though anonymity has been used quite effectively by bands, the entrance of Shrine of Insanabilis, aside from a few poorly filmed festival videos, has been quite dazzling for the band. I mean, I am scared witless.

Shrine of Insanabilis fills the void left by the love of bands like Marduk and Absu. The band’s devotion to what seems like “The Void” is a wonderfully flavorful spin to music which sends twin tornadoes through the populated regions of hell. I am just learning what “Insanabilis” means and before fully bowing down before an altar of riffs and drumkicks, I say a silent prayer of protection. Please accept my reverence in favor for not destroying me thorough your conquest through these realms. Amen.