Horns Of Domination – Demo 2015 [Germany, Black / Death / Doom] (2015)

Self Released | 8-4-15

Self Released | 8-4-15

Horns of Domination is a three piece combo from Germany who seems to have bucked that silly trend of having a bassist in their band. With two guitarists and a drummer, the band has appeared as an unsigned entity now with one self titled demo to their name. I have seen this before. Additionally, with a name like Horns of Domination, I was expecting something I have heard before. It was certainly not this. Sometimes the short format of a demo works in the band’s favor if the music can be so violent that the listener is left with a feeling of horror and surprise.

I could certainly be wrong about this who double guitar aspect of the demo as that is just what Metal Archives has listed for this demo. If it is true, one can certainly hear the high pitched whirl of mechanical chaos which populates the two modestly sized tracks. Eve n though each of them hovers around 5 minutes, the band still found it necessary to take their time with audio clips and forbidding introductions. One would think we are past this sort of thing with heavy metal but I imagine it will stop being cool when bands stop doing it so well.

Demo 2015 is a fantastic introduction to a band that probably everyone is just discovering. the band certainly comes at the right time when metaphysical black/death with a cavernous sound is the direction headed by many decent bands. I was expecting something different with the name but I am pleasantly surprised with Demo 2015 as I went in expecting something else and left without breathe.