Grave Ritual – Morbid Throne [US, Death] (2015)

Dark Descent | 10-30-15

Dark Descent | 10-30-15

So in the the mid 90’s this band from Alabam was known as Metahole Infection and played a particulary splatteryly variety odf death metal. It should be noted that the music from MEtahole Infection and Grave Ritual is not that different aside from some new atmopshere, slower tempo and perhaps a new drummer. What is important to realize is that framing and presentation can make a world of difference as Grave Ritual’s dedication to less bloody and more forbodding themes puts their music on the right track for success.

Morbid Throne is the second release from Grave Ritual as well as the second release supported from the very great and looming Dark Descent Records. If one thing can be expected from Dark Descent is the abiluity to find moody death metal bands that probally have all the cool shirts. It is easy to see Grave Ritual as another band that has adopted the occult atmopshere for death metal which seems to be popular among the 50 people who actualloy can tell the difference. Morbid throne however soars with effectiveness with echoing riffs and a vocal delivery which hangs like bats from the belfrys of hell. Songs like “Adversary Crown” show the band at their very best in their ability to be everything people could want in a moody death metal band.

Something is happening in the South of the United States as Grave Ritual seems to have an eviler, and more chaotic twin known as Abysmal Lord which share most of the members. there is something terrible which is about to happen and there will be no way to stop it. For now please use Grave Ritual as a portent for dark days in the future. The sky is about to rip itself open and pour horrible angels on the unsuspecting.