Awe – Providentia [Greece, Black] (2015)


Pulverised Records | 11-13-15

Pulverised Records | 11-13-15

Look at all this room I have to stretch my legs. Oh goodness. Look at this space I have for intros, interludes, and outros. Holy shit. Whenever I see track lengths which range in the 10, 15, and 20 minute lengths I immediately look to see if it is stoner doom. If it is not then my interest is aroused since things like black and death metal make for engaging compositions given the longer format. I also make sure it is not atmospheric black metal before continuing further. Oh my, but when the track lengths are long and they contain some deeply rooted orthodox Grecian black metal, I must say that my heart skips a beat.

Providentia is the debut full length for a band who only had a midly popular 3 way split featuring other Greek black metal acts. Providentia comes on the wings of zero hype and probably because of that decimates most other releases in terms of magnitude and sheer strength. Even just evaluating the 20 minute opener “Actus Primus” has so much substance it is intimating to look to see two other tracks flanking in the rear. The ability for the band to not only use atmosphere to their advantage but make each part gripping with terror in terms of instrumentation and vocals is a feat and wonder given each of these track lengths. There could be plenty of excuses to fill the majority of these with noise. The fact that there is no filler or downtime between the terror is a wonderful accomplishment as well as a harbinger for the end times.

By the finale of “Actus Purus,” with its slow riff breakdown, Awe proves themselves as more than capable of making a 50 minute black metal record which has almost no unnecessary components. The timing for this record is odd and the fact that few people are talking about it is making me excited and somewhat apprehensive. Is this just a case of a wonderful record going unnoticed in the dwindling hours of the year or is this a portent for the end of days?