OLDBLACK – Spiritual Prison [US, Black / Death / Noise] (2016)

Self Released | 1-2-16

Self Released | 1-2-16

I have noticed that I do not cover a lot of stoner doom on this site mainly because that sort of aesthetic does not interest me. This does not mean there are not great stoner doom bands out there rather other things are more attractive. If I were to look at things which excited me most over the past few years it would be absolute grimness reaching obliteration. Spiritual Prison is not something which comes along very often and when it does, it redefines what extreme metal can be. What OLDBLACK intends to do is destroy by any means necessary.

I have little idea what this is or how i am suppose to take it. OLDBLACK has so many genres crammed into two songs it is confusing if not inspiring. From black, death, noise to the powerviolence structure, Spiritual Prison run the gamut of harsh sounds. There is little to no information regarding OLDBLACK or even the collective/label Unearthed Vein which has been putting out mysterious releases since the mid year of 2015. Spiritual Prison is around 13 minutes in length for two sides and does not do much in the way of advertising to anyone not interest in devastation. The act leads the release by a nihilistic diatribe which would be heavy handed if not for backed 100% by its music. The hate and resentment which emanates from those words on the Bandcamp page reflects music that is nothing short of annihilation.

Spiritual Prison hooked me with the almost collapse of recorded sound during their first side. The force of the music clots the channels leading to an almost muffled quality which is suffocating in its presentation. I do not know why this sort of thing interests me but I may run with it a little bit longer. OLDBLACK is not for everyone but if bands like Revenge is in your wheelhouse, then I could see this making a special place in your cold dead soul.