Funerary Descent – Winds Of Dissonance [US, Black / Doom] (2016)

Self Released | 2-3-16

Self Released | 2-3-16

Listen to the howls and grief which ripples in sheets of frigid wind. Funerary Descent is from Baltimore Maryland which has been somewhat of an interest for me as I live close and am always interested in ground level heavy metal which I could possibly go travel and see in a small club. The black / doom combination is also something of note as it is note a style which has been explored. Funerary Descent took a little bit to release their second demo with their first one in 2013. By how effective Winds of Dissonance sounds, I only hope for a speedy production for another release. Far be it from me to tell a band what to do but this sound could bum a lot more people out with the right timing and luck. I know I will be here crawling along this swamp floor awaiting slow cold death.

Winds of Dissonance is really a 19 minute demo on a double sided cassette tape you can get for 7 dollars with shipping included. This is as long as you live in the United States. I make mention of the price and the quality of this demo is phenomenal with echoing guitar and slow creeping vocals which drench over rotten wooden houses in dreary swamps. the opening title track is an effective overture for the brief demo as it takes it time crawling through reeds and cold waters. throughout Winds of Dissonance, the tempo is the aspect which really sells the product. the adherence to a slow to mid tempo and an ability to cause ruin within those parameters is of course not ground breaking but entertaining none the less.

Discussing the demo with one of the creators, he made mention that Winds of Dissonance was “nothing groundbreaking,” but the style was something as of yet unexplored. I enjoy the candid nature of musicians who are realistic in their approach to the styles they play. I would have to agree that the Winds of Dissonance has not unexpectedly found a new sound or the basis of a new genre yet this does not even start to qualify merit. Funerary Descent for only their second demo is showing great promise in an underutilized genre which is fantastic despite anyone saying the contrary.