Into Coffin – Into a Pyramid of Doom [Germany, Black / Death / Doom] (2016)

Caligari Records | 4-8-16

Caligari Records | 4-8-16

Look. At. That. Fucking. Cover. There is a certain feeling one gets when they find a style that clicks with their personality. Into a Pyramid of Doom has everything from occultic obsessions to comic book styled horror. I do not know exactly what it is about Lovecratian monsters looming over Ancient Egypt, but I know Into Coffin knows exactly how I feel.

Following last year’s demo, Into Coffin return with a full length at 55 minutes and enough weight to crush mere mortals. Being sponsored by the very wonderful Caligari Records, even people not familiar with Into Coffin can rest assured that the music will be quite to their liking. Heralded by a deep love for the occult and a penchant for ominous and forbidding atmospheres, Into the Pyramid of Doom is a surreal ride through ancient lands filled with unknowable creatures. The title track for Into the Pyramid of Doom is a 16 minute odyssey which celebrates both death and doom as long as they both have a hand in obliteration. This is the music for a fourth level dungeon and at the end is a monster you can never destroy. .

Aside from flavorful praise that can be lavished on this band, Into Coffin excels at creating an atmosphere. At their slowest and fastest(which is still quite slow), the ferocity of this band is something to marvel at. While there could be a temptation to just rest of the doom tempo and wade through knee high waters of thick reverb, the death metal aspects of this record are really the main draw. This record would not be what it Come for death or come for doom, Into Coffin will be your last destination.