Death Fortress – Deathless March of the Unyielding [US, Black] (2016)

Fallen Empire Records | 4-4-16

Fallen Empire Records | 4-4-16

Death Fortress will always have a special place in my heart. I not only discovered them on a cassette mix but through that same compilation, I found the wonderful Fallen Empire. “Master-Deceiver” which was provided on the SVN OKKLT mix was a harrowing introduction to a grinding black metal band from New Jersey. Now more than 3 years later this band continues toiling in the hellish landscapes of the afterworld, intent on bringing this existence to its foreseen close.

Death Fortress, behind the scenes, is a collection of New Jersey based musicians who have their hands in bands like Abazagorath, Disma, and Funerbrarum. With the quasi fame that is hiding behind this project is is interesting how the band is advertised as just Death Fortress. This fact leads to the conclusion that the band is capable of carrying their own weight and albums like Deathless March of the Unyielding add to a pantheon of great black metal records which are best experienced in stoic rigid posture.

Deathless March of the Unyielding marks the second effort for Death Fortress and continues their campaign is unending destruction with ferocious breathless black metal boiled over in the old style. The band’s lyrical themes involve power and domination so ceaseless nature of the music is fitting. Even though this record works as a whole, individual songs like “Merciless Deluge” and and 10 minute self titled closer stand out as beacons in an already remarkable yet black sea. This is the type of joyless offering which Fallen Empire has been known for and in place of light hearted metal releases comes a certainty that each record will be soul wrenching.