L.O.R.E. – Demo [US, Black] (2016)

Self Released | 5-8-16

Self Released | 5-8-16

I make jokes about the black metal stock market in that you feel good when you find a band before everyone else does. The joke goes that you can buy low and then sell at a profit. I obviously have a very limited knowledge of stock trading but I feel pretty confident on finding out of the way black metal. I know nothing about L.O.R.E other than their Bandcamp Page and a few tags on Facebook. This is all surprising because their demo which appeared out of nowhere looks like it is designated for greatness.

First of all if you like dark dark dark black metal which is lying on the bottom of a swamp bed at night in the deepest part of the woods, then you have somehow wandered into this. At 15 minutes and three tracks, “First Litany” is the proper introduction for a band which bows at the altar of multiple waves of black metal including the very primal beginnings of the genre in the late 80’s. This whole production married with the band’s acute visual design and logo give cause for pause as there is always a market for lo-fi black metal from unknown bands.

Similar to bands on Defiled Light and other “labels,” L.O.R.E is going to only really appeal to a select audience who find the acidity of thin production charming and the blurred vocals interesting. I will say that L.O.R.E aside from their initial impression have the ferocity of a band that could do either great things or make dozens more noisy demos. Both of them I would be pleased to listen to. I also know that they are probably reading this now so I will politely ask for their demo to be made on cassette. Thank you guys. You are worth it.