Haunter – Thrinodίa [US, Black / Death / Progressive] (2016)

Self Released | 5-30-16

Self Released | 5-30-16

There are sometimes when an album or even a band can baffle you to the point of taking a while to process. There are sometimes when a band’s sound is so untraceable that it develops a type of charm in its mystery. This is what the Texas based band Haunter is doing. This is what Haunter is doing. While the style of cryptic black/death has been well explored, this Texas based band is riding through the cavernous sound on a rickety progressive rollercoaster. Unlike even other bands who do the same thing, Haunter’s dedication or addiction to lo-fi production and destruction makes this release a treat or complete fucking puzzle for some people.

I wanted to point out that any instances of “progressive” in this record are merely surface decorations. In fact, the groove in songs like “Untitled” are about as wonky as things get as Thrinodίa travels to depths not expected. From dissonant interludes to full out panic attacks, this black/death record is tagged as progressive as a medical condition as it is the only way it seems to be able to cope with reality. The entire record ages extraordinary with its opening tracks laying in uncertainty finishing with a strong closing title track. Thrinodίa’s quirky charm may seem inniocent at first but by the end of the lengthy record, Haunter wobbles and hisses like a rabid animal.

I love being unsure of music. While being able to spot cavernous death or occultist black is obviously a good skill to have, being suprised by a record leaves one elated. Haunter seems to be doing well for itself offering support for some other like minded bands with similar emotional problems. Be patient with Thrinodίa as b y the time it is finished, you will not know which way it up or down or if any of that really matters anymore.