Inculcator – Void Abecedary [UK, Black / Thrash] (2016)

Caligari Records | 5-23-16

Caligari Records | 5-23-16

Ohhhh goodness, my head. It is swirling with madness and chaos. Inculcator is a black / thrash project which looks like it falls in line with the Voivod / Vektor mission of space based thrash. Once you learn that Inculcator is a one man side project for the one man band Abyssal, things become clearer. Oh wait, did I say clearer? I mean more disconnected and crumbling to shambles. That is what I meant. If you ever want to know what it felt like to be hit by an asteroid in zero gravity, please take a step towards Void Abecedary.

Inculcator is a bit difficult to get a handle at times because it is a which which seems to be running faster than you can physically keep up. With a base of thrash riffs, Void Adecedary piles on a salad of noise, shredding, and frantic directional changes into a record which is nothing less than insanity. Songs like “Voces Mysticae” start mid flight after they just jumped off a cliff and end somewhere else entirely. If you ever thought Dark Angel’s Darkness Descends could use a jump start in terms of energy, see where music can go right before it blacks out.

Listening to both Abyssal and Inculcator is interesting to see two views of the void. While 2015’s Antikatastaseis welcomes the ensuing chaos, Inculcator gets drunk on cheap whiskey and blows fire with gasoline. I have a feeling Void Abecedary will be less praised than Antikatastaseis but there are sometimes when things explode in space and no one is around to see it. If you need me Ill be in pieces across the galaxy.