9 Beds – Tegeneria​-​Sessions [Sweden, Avant / Black / Doom] (2016)

Self Released | 8-21-16

Self Released | 8-21-16

Congratulations, you have traveled far enough to find the weird section of heavy metal. Not any of those other things were good enough for you so you have to come and listen to an album that has no information and could be made by devils. 9 Beds isn’t a band that is easily found on the internet. In fact typing the phrases “9 Beds Black Metal” brings up some rather mundane results. Perhaps this is why this outfit is so haunting as they exist without any sort of informational anchor in a world where everything has at least one webpage.

Tegeneria​-​Sessions is two songs with the majority of content resting in the first track “Marble Coffin.” A combination of slow paced black doom which warbles over frail chanting drifts slowly through dusty passageways. “…the very last drop” is similar to the demo’s first track if even more enveloped in atmosphere. Aside from a brief flutter of intensity, this track is really just dedicated to being atmospheric and downright creepy. The unbalanced nature of this whole demo would be cause for concern if it was not sending shivers down my spine.

Black metal and extreme metal in general is constantly fighting uphill in terms of presentation. The very nature of continuing to be dark and dreary after nearly 40 years of innovations must be difficult for bands to be genuine but also effective. 9 Beds does not rewrite anything in terms of presentation rather they just tap into an unseen force which already existed. I am sure this band will be less spooky when I see their Facebook page but part of me believes this band doesn’t really exist and I have just encountered my first instance of ghosts.