Tomb Mold – The Moulting [Canada, Death] (2016)

Self Released | 09-01-16

Self Released | 09-01-16

Tomb Mold has been damn near suprising everyone this year. When I say everyone, I mean the 50 people who are listening to Tomb Mold. Perhaps you can be apart of this great club of disgusting death metal with a new demo that continues the descent into sightless crypts.

For a band with only two members, the sound for Tomb Mold is thick and almost endless. The Moulting, much like the Bottomless Perdition demo, upholds the tradition of covering the sound in grave soil and concrete dust. What is different about The Moulting is the slight bump in vocal clarity. Where as the vocals were decorations in a horrid room before, the growls and grumbles of Max Klebanoff can be heard at least a little bit more. While I enjoyed the near blend of the vocals into the mix in the previous demo, the ferocity of the band has not been sacrificed.

Tomb Mold has gotten an odd and healthy start already being featured on some high profile blogs. Whether or not that will lead to a larger appreciation for more rotting death metal demos of year is still to be seen. What is know is that The Moulting is perfect for anyone who craves the clean air and meditative silence of a mausoleum at dusk.