Burial Ground – End of the World [Russia, Black / Speed] (2016)

Self Released | 11-13-15

Self Released | 11-13-15

So even though this particular demo only runs three tracks, I would like to talk about Burial Ground’s body of work as we start to wind down in 2016. Burial Ground is interesting for the sheer volume of work that is put out. Looking at all of the demos which are available for 2016, an entire full length of black / speed could be available for people. Right now it is just spread out across multiple releases each with their own grim artwork.

If one travels back through the entirely of Burial Ground’s body of work, one can see the music shaping into a sound that is evolved and mature. Comparing “”the End of theWorld” with early demos like “Hellraisers” shows a sound which is wielding its own identity. Sure the sound drapes itself in reverence to bands like Motorhead, Venom and other masters which forged the black/speed sound but Burial Ground exists to celebrate rather than replicate.

Dark Forces and End of the World are easily the best demos from this artist from this year which gives hope for potential future release. Burial Ground could easily fit onto a full length with enough energy and attitude to take up that entire space. The operator for Burial Ground also has similar one man thrash and speed projects which brings the number of demos and full releases for 2016 up to around 10. With that type of energy and wild determination Burial Ground becomes a beast chained to a very thin chain.