Commander – Apocalypse Vengeance [Canada, Black] (2016)

Self Released | 11-10-11

Self Released | 11-10-11

Replication is flattery when a band is completely honest about their intentions. Mikey Witchfucker, the one man central command for this Canadian outfit has already listed bands like Blasphemy and Beherit as major sources of information. With a demo that doesn’t even reach the 10 minute mark, let us see how crazy we can get.

I am going to be honest in saying these songs could be longer. The fact that many of them are only 20 seconds does little to satisfy a carnal craving for madness. The Blasphemy cover of Intro/War Command remind listeners that the brief bouts of madness have been explored by the gods of old and Commander is clinging true to its roots.

The depth of sound explored by Commander is fascinating. Despite the short time periods spent swimming in charnel lakes and the fact that the intro and outros are longer than some of the songs, this brief glimpse into a world overrun by the resurrection of old titans is something that was unexpected and now fully desired.