A.S.M. – DEMO 2016 [US, Black / Death] (2016)

Self Released | 9 -27-16

Self Released | 9 -27-16

I get incredulous when things like this pass me by or atleast someone else clues me into its existence. Add to this the fact this band is in the same state as me and the fact that they have an unmistakable album cover plus being a demo and I start to wonder how many other things I have missed out on.

A.S.M is a two piece war metal outfit from Richmond who doesn’t seem to be listed anywhere on the internet and their utilitarian named Demo 2016 is the only artifact available. Demo 2016 thus stands on its own and what a marvel it is to experience. While still staying true to the blistering roots of war metal or bestial black metal, A.S.M has an unmistakable groove which guides their music. The vocals could be a distraction in any other recording other than this which they shine. The obscured nature of the music plus the band’s existence causes A.S.M to go from oddity to wonder.

I do not like being left out on things and missing A.S.M’s first demo has given me trepidation regarding missing their other future works as this is a band who can only do greater things after this demo. The raw intensity which feul this demo like gasoline over an open fire is enough to howl indistinctly into the night sky. Thanks A.S.M for bringing out a primal nature and making it cruel.