Tome Of The Unreplenished – Cosmoprism [Cyprus, Ritual Ambient / Noise] (2017)


I, Voidhanger Records | 2-3-17

Back in 2015, Tome Of The Unreplenished sounded different. It isn’t that much of a change but the Cypriot born now British band’s debut was much more geared towards atmospheric black metal that frayed at the edges of concrete. Cosmoprism: The Theurgy – Act I shatters all bonds with the material world and travels towards the celestial nothingness with an EP that attempts to fathom the unknowable and reign in the horror of the indescribable. This, of course, will not be done in 4/4 time or with any sort of musical structure.

Ritual noise / black ambient / noise and all related genres are something that are for specific audiences. It is hard to measure the merit of something like this other than the effectiveness of its presentation and atmosphere. Aside from a thick layer of noise and blurred chaos, there is an undercurrent of black metal which provides a base for Cosmoprism. This gives navigation through dark shadows and even darker shapes that loom like monuments. Everything else which makes up the band’s quest to contemplate metaphysical horrors is apart of an aesthetic — one that works exceedingly well.

For its entire 30 minutes, Cosmoprism is a descent into some of the more unorthodox sound which make up the underdungeons of black metal and related genres. It is a place where people go where the structure of traditional metal genres no longer excite them and the hum of black noise is the only thing which makes snese. I would suggest one reads the manifesto or thesis for the record while listening to the EP if nothing else than for a chance to see the dissolution sanity in musical form. If this is apart of a multi act play, I do not know if I want to see what is in act II.