Sulphuris Oblivio – Dawn Before Sunset [Brazil, Ritual / Psych / Black] (2017)


Hammer of Damnation | 1-31-17

Well this is it. A band that is honest to goodness trying to stay hidden and not get their music heard. I have spoken many times about various bands obscuring identities and opting out of most social media which is interesting given the glut of digital culture. Sulphuris Oblivio is not creating a new step rather just entering into an area which has existed for many decades which is just plain weirdness. Somewhere between tribal music, krautrock, dungeon synth, fever dreamt rock and roll, and black metal lies a band who is trying their best not to be liked.

Dawn Before Sunset is a mixed bag of underpolished black metal mixed together with spacey psychedelic jams and about a handful of other genre whose parts are never intded to go together but in some weird dissonant way always belonged as a unit. The jarring nature of this record with breaks for screeching vocals such as “Ephemeris Arrogantia” gives the music its sharp edges and reasons for continual interest. When I say interest it is more like a horrified fascination to see what each of the tracks is going to sound like.

It is difficult to evaluate this record even within the parameters of underground metal. there is a deliberate actions taken to make this unappealing for well most people. From the off timed instruments to the near directionless nature of the music Dawn Before Sunsets is unifying in its oddness. With that said, there is something about presentation which makes it intriguing as an artifact of what we are used to or even prepared for versus the things that we are now. Dawn Before Sunset inhabits our discomfort and it comes out in waves of extremely unsettling music.