Angel Morgue – Angel Morgue [US, Death] (2017)


Self Released | 2-16-17

Yes to everything about this. From the sound to the name to the album cover, Angel Morgue fills a very order for people seeking cavernous death metal which wouldn’t be welcomed in any places of worship. The aesthetic which drips from this band in trails of slime is notable as their self titled EP debut hammers away at the bells of hell.

We are going to be completely honest in saying that all of these songs from Angel Morgue could be at least 4 minutes longer. This is not only because they are well planned and executed but also due to the fact that they are 2-3 minutes in range. At just under 8 minutes, the brief presentation for Angel Morgue is enough to garner interest mainly because they just got here and now are leaving to go home. If a desire for more is this band’s attention, then they have done their job admirably.

For all of my jokes on the length of songs, the three short tracks from Angel Morgue are above and beyond what is needed to capture attention. The instrumentation is vile and the vocals are pristine in the catacombs in which they crawl. This is a band that has listened intently and chosen a style to emulate. there is nothing wrong with wanting to fill a role as the opening riffs of “Holocaust Perversions” are enough to make you forget about everything except for the slow march of time towards inevitable decay.