Time Lurker – Time Lurker [France, Atmospheric Black] (2017)


Les acteurs de l’ombre production | 06-02-17

This review takes some projection as this whole album will not be out until June but all of its material is already available as of late 2016. I have some sympathy for bands who put out material late in the year when the years are turning. I am pretty neutral on rereleases on wider distribution. I also have less sympathy for atmospheric black metal bands. Time Lurker pulls at many emotions for me and if it wasn’t for this French band being so enthralling, I probably would have moved on by now. The fact I am still here must mean something.

Time Luker is the self titled debut which combines all previous material released by the project. All together, if I am doing my math correctly, the debut should be around 30 minutes of swirling atmospheric black metal that is both entertaining and entrancing. From the preview track “Ethereal Hands,” Time Lurker manages to play the style without succumbing to its tropes and traps. There are no trees on the cover and the long form tracks never rely on the idea of being long. The vocal howls and crescendos feel fresh and not bogged down by convention. Add to this some interesting artwork and an intriguing name and one has a one man act that manages to successfully employ a style that is somewhat over extracted.

Despite the Time Lurker LP being made up of previous material and the fact it technically came out in late 2016, the excitement and joy for this band and its place within 2017 is real and tangible. Time Lurker nails all of the right things from sound to image to give people reason to be hyped for a release of older material. Perhaps this is the first step in a very long career for an already accomplished band. I certainly hope so since Time Lurker would look great on a shirt, LP, Tape, or flag in my room.