Nornír – Urd [Germany, Black] (2017)


Northern Silence Productions | 3-3-17

Hopefully you are ready to run becasue whatever is chasing you is getting closer. From the not so ice bitten lands of Germany comes a band that is less innovative as they are aged in experience. With a decent sized EP to follow their 2015 demo, Nornír steps onto the stage to offer entertaining black metal with the jaws of hades.

One of the most successful aspects of Urd is the pacing in which all of the tracks seems to run much like the pack of wolves. Even slower melodic songs like “Winterthrone” have an undeniable groove which acts as a clear path for the song to dip and dive in exciting ways. The clean speed at which the music flows allows for the vocalist Lethian to blanket the music in her vocals.

Urd’s triumph comes not from the unorthodox characteristics or its adherence to a tested formula but rather both. Guitar showmanship and soft spaces mingle naturally with harsh vocals and blast beats. Nornír seems less concerned with breaking any mold than it does pouring hate over the world.