Nekrokult – Desecration of Blood [Brazil, Black / Thrash] (2017)


Self Released | 4-26-17

Black thrash! Black thrash! Well, sort of. Black thrash is a strange genre where the sound can be a straight mix of music or just music that is wielding a broken bottle and radiates riffs. Nekrokult is like that and by the sound of their first full length (?) it sounds like this band is riding winged demon horses right into the grave.

I am 99% positive this is not the same Nekrokult from Chile as this Nekrokult is from Brazil. I say this and could be wrong either way. Regardless, there is little information about this band other than a Facebook that is surprisingly popular and a few promotional pictures. What is left is a vacuum to enjoy a record which is front to back steeped in skill and fury. From thrash grooves, to speed metal worship to second wave chaos, Nekrokult embraces the order of obliteration and uses broken rubble to carve sigils.

Nekrokult was a fantastic random encounter that I am grateful for experiencing. From their album cover to image, this band has nailed an aesthetic which speaks to many much like spoken words from a firebrand who is inciting violence. Desecration of Blood may not go out of its way to rear end black metal tropes but holy shit is this record fast and fun.