Abyssus / Death Courier / DreamLongDead / Slaughtered Priest – 7″ Split [Greece, Death / Thrash / Black] (2017)


Screaming Victims Distro | 3-25-17

Holy shit. Alright so reviewing splits is sometimes difficult as the titles are long, the bands are from different places, and sometimes the styles presented are too many to discuss in a short period of time. This split is different for many reason. First of all, every band is from this 7″ split is from Greece which makes it easier, second and probably most importantly all of this music fucking rips.

I am going to go out on a far limb and say all of the music presented in this split is from bands that are not only established but fairly popular by underground standards. What this means is a full on assault with great production and even more high quality metal. From the black thrash of Slaughtered Priest to the old school deluge of Abyssus to the gloom and doom of DreamLongDead to the continual resurrection of Death Courier, originally a 90’s thrash death act now on a second wind, this split is perhaps the perfect window into the horrid world of Greece and its tortured ghosts.

Split are a great way to experience a variety of music despite me dragging my feet to review them. I believe it was the brilliant artwork by Indonesian illustrator MFA XII that was enough to rope me into this cursed place. Now that I am here I fear I can never leave nor have the desire to go anywhere else.