Rotten Tomb – Necropolis [Chile, Death] (2017)


Self Released | 5-3-17

I must have made mention of Chile at one point. For the last year or so, the influx of great death and black metal from Chile and also surrounding South American countries has been staggering. Already this year we had a fantastic demo from Hypnosinosis with Putrid Coffin a close memory in 2016. While metal exists in many countries without pause, the type of metal and the bands that nail the aesthetic and sound is the most important. With the tone and timbre of Rotten Tomb’s first EP, these guys are ready for something perhaps anything.

The more and more I search for death and black meta, the more I am wowed by convention. Rotten Tomb from name to album art to sound to song titles to lyrics to imagery does not stray to far from the gross template of death metal. While that sounds like a criticism, sometimes conforming to convention and working within a style is more difficult as well as rewarding when done right. Necropolis is fantastic with a silent understanding that riffs and atmosphere are the law of the land in a place that looks haunted at anytime of the day.

At the end of the day, Rotten Tomb offers a fantastic 22 minute EP which highlights a two (?) person act which sounds like 3 bands working in concert. The associated members seem to be connected to the port city of Iquique which by pictures looks to be a picturesque vacation destination. By the sound of Rotten Tomb, Atomicide, Hades and all other bands from that area, I may want to stay far away.