Chorazos – Demo [US, Raw Black] (2017)


Self Released | 5-29-17

Album art is important ad it seems that the cover for this demo is the same image used on LVTHN’s 2013 demo. The image depicts a woodblock goat which does not seem to have a source material or if it did, it has been lost in a sea of appropriations. Albums covers to stickers, to social media pictures, this particular goat has become almost as synonymous with darkness as the black and white Baphomet image. Perhaps it is like a mantle which gets passed from one disgusting demo to another. Right now it is the dawn of Chorazos.

There are times in this lengthy demo where it does not sound like anything structured rather just pulses of noise which pulse like regurgitation of consumed spellbooks. Chorazos is like that but much worse. While this type of music probably is not for everyone, the texture and landscape of utter horror is surprisingly enjoyable. The levels of noise are pretty even and the rhythm of the lengthy songs make for a wash of white noise with something horrible going on below. It is absurd to think of this as an accessible raw black record but perhaps underneath a blanket of terror lies an artist who is pulling all of the strings.

The Chorazos demo probably wont make it on any top ten lists this year nor be heard by many people outside the readers of this blog. It pushes the level of existence in its odd nature and when contrasted with the horrific nature of the music. One might even be pushed to discover it and quickly put it back in whatever hole it crawled out of. Chorazos certainly has a way with presentation and from the stylized goat woodcut to the wall of torture vibe which runs up and down naked through this demo, I am now scared for my life.