Vesicant – Shadows of Cleansing Iron [New Zealand, Black / Death] (2017)


Iron Bonehead Productions | 7-14-17

I swear to Christ, I found these guys before I noticed they were on Iron Bonehead. Despite my best intentions in digging out disgusting black / death, Iron Bonehead seems to be doing the same with more attuned ears to filth and grime. Whatever the case or whoever first stumbled on this band s irrelevant since there isn’t much left of the world after they are done playing.

Vesicant is aware of the aesthetic of black/death. Though the style is allowed broad interpretation, the specific type of ravenous black / death that is rampant with decay rot and essential obliteration is something that is particular popular among a niche crowd of metal dorks. Shadows of Cleansing Iron not only has one of the coolest names of all time but is another chapter in a very long book of perpetual dismay. With guitar tones that could spoil entire bowls of fruit and drumming that sounds like it is digging vast networks of catacombs, Vesicant swings for the fences in a dark display of agony.

I think Ill always be one step behind Iron Bonehead in finding these sort of bands. That is okay since the end result is a dark cloud of flies which blot out the sun for generations. Shadows of Cleansing Iron is designed for a very specific audience but to those who enjoy the sound of tormenting rain, then it is a perfect time to go outside.