Vorus – Chamber of Laments [Romania, Death] (2017)


Self Released | 09-15-17

I do not think I have reviewed many releases from Romania. This does not mean the Country does not have an active metal community and even if it isn’t as flourishing as let’s say the UK or US, I am still open for rotten things to come out of a country known for its vampires. What I wasn’t expecting however is a demo which steps right in line with some of the better death metal of the year. Fantastic job.

Chamber of Laments is a short demo which not only rips into listeners but amazes the audience with its listenable production. In a genre that is ripe with varying levels of production, the tone on the Vorus demo is not only professional sounding but it complements the foreboding atmosphere which stalks around the songs like shadows in a cemetery. By the end of Chamber of Laments, Vorus proves themselves near the top of a rotting pile even though few if any heard of the name before today.

Vorus is the work of Uriel Aguillon who has fronted many Romanian death metal bands since the 90’s. Chamber of Laments is a new project which sees Aguillon doing everything from instruments to artwork. Though past projects like Cryptic Realms, Rotting Away, and Gutwrench maybe too obscure for some people’s knowledge, the fact that Vorus could serve as a stepping stone into the world of Aguillon is ever the more appealing.