Pestivomous – The Last Wound [Chile, Black] (2017)


Self Released | 8-25-17

Pestivomous’ The Last Wound is technically a demo and a rehearsal which is odd because it sounds like a complete studio production. I am certainly not doubting this a rehearsal rather it is surprising to get such a full sound out of something as off of the cuff as a practice tape. what this project has in its favor is the primal emotion of what sounds like 10 projects which is married with a design aesthetic thats sounds like eating grave soil.

For a demo/rehearsal, the Last Wound is by far exemplary in what is attempts to do. Not only does this project manage to capture the interest of its listener with a raw and filthy tone but the force at which is it delivered is enough to elicit excitement if not winces of pain. From the opening intro and first song “Beneficium,” the band has designated itself as creatures of the night which hold domain over foul lands.

Chile has been a source of interest for those into black/death/whatever for a year or so and this new project further fuels that fire. Pestivomous, compared to other projects of recent memory, seems more refined and attuned to the trends of the underground. With an album cover that is in step with the cavernous death / black aesthetic and song titles which exude a certain rot, The Last Wound is sure to satisfy an audience. The fact it goes above and beyond expectations is just a testament to this band’s potential.