Putrid Evocation – Live Exhumations [Chile, Death] (2017)


Self Released | 9-10-17

Add this to the growing scene of Chilean bands that seem to be coming out of nowhere. Even though I am tagging this as a demo, Live Exhumations is technically a live album and the fact that I do not have a “Live” tag means that live albums are not really a popular medium for extreme metal. What this really is however are two tracks from a disgusting band that were recorded somewhere in Chile and now are being released to the public.

Putrid Evocation has only had one album and that was in 2014. Before hand they had a few demos and odd releases but even with more of a catalog than other bands, their nauseating name is still unknown to the rest of the world. This is funny as the band’s old school sound would be the toast of the town for many people. Add to the fact that these two live tracks sound 10 times better and clearer than their 2014 debut and one has reasons to now fear for their safety.

I have no idea what these two tracks mean in the greater understanding of this band. whether or not this will herald a new album or maybe even a full length recorded live, time will tell. For now these two exquisite tracks are all we have to plus 3 years of gravelike silence from the band. Let us hope the dead are awakened soon.