Ignis Umbrae – La Sombra del Fuego [Chile, Black] (2017)


Vestigia Flamæ | 06-23-17

Vestigia Flamæ is a newish label that actually has a few other releases which are extremely current including Theurgia’s Genómasis and Saturnus’ Impetum Chaos. I only mention the label since those other two releases were not only of interest but also have been released within the last few months. This time period seems to be the high water mark for a label that has four albums to its name. With all of that said, La Sombra del Fuego and related material on Vestigia Flamæ has kicked up enough dirt for everyone to be aware of their presence.

Ignis Umbrae plays black metal in a melancholic way. Though depressive black metal is sort of a thing, Ignis Umbrae does not succumb to DSBM’s familar trappings instead vying for slow builds and deep grooves with the music rather than rushing to imitate touchstones. “Inhumanización” is a great example of a song which presents a lot of emotion but doesn’t become consumed by the aesthetic. Other songs like “Abismo” have fantastic drum builds and grinding structure that it fits the artwork which adorns its cryptic cover.

Chile has been a point of interest much in the same way Iceland was a few years ago. I do not think Chile will catch on in the same way that Icelandic black did as these releases are a little bit more undefined and slightly more dangerous. Vestigia Flamæ and Ignis Umbrae continues to teach me conversational Spanish as I know know how to express a desire for a fiery shadow or shadows of fire or even fire shadow.