Cult of Extinction – Black Nuclear Magick Attack [Germany, Black / Death] (2017)


Self Released | 9-23-17

I do not review a lot of war / bestial black for a few reasons. Firstly the pummeling sounds of Blasphemy worship can become overwhelming when not ready for the sound. Given that even high profile acts like Teitanblood and Revenge can become endless cascades of torment, bestial black or war metal is directed at a very niche audience. For this reason, it is a style of music that isn’t practiced much and when it is, the earth seems to open up and consume everyone around.

For as linear as bestial black can be, the dynamic sound for Black Nuclear Magick Attack is quite striking as the opening track fully embraces a cavernous sound before ripping into the main sound of endless torment. This release continues to explore the depths of fidelity with songs like “Atomic Salvation” which beat upon the low ends much like someone would a drum made of human skin. The entire release is drenched in reverb which counters much of the high end aesthetic that heralds the genre. This is endless misery in the dark.

This maybe a demo or an EP but since Cult of Extinction has zero information on the internet regarding this release, I am going to say it is a demo. This demo also did not really click with me until a few times around as the jarring muddy sound could possibly sound similar to a garbage disposal when not fully paying attention. It only takes a few steps towards attention before the full horror of this release is realized. Then it will be too late.