Vaabnet – Den ed du har svoret [Denmark, Black / Punk] (2017)


Self Released | 10-14-17

I think it was the cover art for Den ed du har svoret which initially drew my eye with its runic and esoteric markings. It was most certainly the combination of depressive black metal and raw punk rock that kept me locked in the world of misery and strife. Vaabnet is one of of a few Danish black bands found in recent memory with the other being Fanebærer, Lesion, Gabestok, and Blot & Bod. In fact, all of these bands recently played a show together which is how I found the connection. Whatever the hell is happening over there is scary and wonderful.

Usually when the black metal tag is used on albums, it is stretched tot he thinnest possible consistency. Den ed du har svoret, however retains a thin air of black metal with its blast beats and musical structure now just mixed with the attitude and veracity of punk rock with a broken nose. Vaabnet seems less interested in what type of music they are playing and more about the becoming unhinged both emotionally and mentally. Den ed du har svoret is a fantastic EP and probably the better choice for introductions than their more nihilistic demo.

I have little idea what is being said on this record and even less idea what all of these symbols mean for the band. What I do know and can account for is the sheer boiling point of intensity with the instrumentation as well as the vocals with teeter on the edge of self oblivion. In Denmark it seems like people are gearing up for the end times and this is something I cant wait to hear.