Skrik – I [Russia, Black / Hardcore] (2017)


Self Released | 9-14-17

No Metal Archives Page. No Facebook page. No additional information about this project. Fuck it, I can call this whatever I want since no one seems to be correcting me. With the additional picture of two figures in non metal looking raincoats, the first (?) demo (?) from Skrik poses a lot of questions which are answered in counterattacks.

I have slowly been gaining an appreciation for the middle ground between extreme metal and hardcore as I feel the structure of hardcore and the presentation of extreme metal works exceedingly well. Skrik is loathing departed which comes at the listener at 60 mph. It is a focused car crash which also happens to be on fire and full of sharp weapons. It is also under 6 minutes but feels like 6 minutes of being kicked in the face and loving the impact.

I sort of enjoy these types of releases since they most likley will not make it on any sort of end of the year list and maybe the only release from the project. Whatever the fate of this band, the first demo(?) from this group packs a serious punch and I look forward to great things I never expected.