Wilt – Buried Amplification [US, Noise / Electronics] (2017)


Self Released | 12-03-17

Before we begin, let us state for the record this release is technically 2010. From the Bandcamp: “Original cassette only available at the Heavy Focus festival in April 2010. Limited to 5 hand numbered copies.” The one video from Heavy Focus Festival is so bizarre and flabbergasting, the whole thing sort of makes sense. Buried Amplification is at this moment, a record that is for a small audience traveling to an intimate place miles below whatever graveyard we entered.

Wilt plays a range of music including noise, drone, and something that could have been sludge/doom just now a ghastly specter. All of the music is untitled and ranges from 1-11 minutes and rests at the end of the spectrum of fidelity. The two members of this group work together to make a chorus of eroding sanity which isn’t chaotic in nature rather just looming with building despair. The music which makes up this release is an experience which comes with one of cooler album covers that makes me want to see the original 5 tapes.

Since this release was originally 2010, it isn’t in contention with the best of 2017. To be honest, this release probably wasn’t in contention with the best of 2010. This isn’t any call on quality or judgement rather it is too weird and surreal to even place within a time frame. If everything else has left you flat for the year, take a trip to the cemetery which invariably has an endless cavern dug straight down.