Urzeit – Der zweite Drei [US, Black] (2014)

Self Released | 1-15-14

Self Released | 1-15-14

I think I would have thought this were a German group if not for catching a few passing mentions of Ash Borer. Urzeit is from Portland, Oregon and contain one of the members in the half atmospheric half second wave black metal act Ash Borer as well as the sludge doom act Hell. Because it is more interesting when outer collaborations differ from the previous acts, Urzeit stands as the orthodox disciple of raw black metal. No frills here, Der zweite Drei is an open wound with gravel rubbed in for good measure.

Der zweite Drei is supposedly a companion record to the band’s 2013 debut. In fact, these 13 minutes seem to be cut from the same cloth as the previous 11. The album art is the same and the menacing production is similar on both. Just take a potential Urzeit album and spread it across four or five demo tapes and one would not be far off. Style seems to be paramount for this band and the fact their 150 copies of each release has already sold out is a testament to the excitement cassette demos can produce. This is cooler than you thought it would be.

Urzeit, despite their very gloomy presence, is more enjoyable than most bands from the same underside of a fallen tree. The hardcore punk spine which run the length of this record adds to the decaying nature of the sound yet gives it a peppy disposition. Additionally, the wet vocals are unique which pay reverence to acts like Cultes de Ghoules and whatever was going on those Peste Noire records. Urzeit is odd because it seems like a band which could have more press attached considering the members involved. Regardless of previous works done, Der zweite Drei is a fantastic demo from a band which is having the time of their lives in the underground.