Nefast MCMLXXIX – Demo [Chile, Black] (2017)


Self Released | 10-01-17

At this point, we can still consider this 2017 despite the fact the Bandcamp comes from a label rereleasing this demo in 2018. Rereleases are strange especially since you can already find this demo on the internet. Regardless, Oratorium is a label that seems to be gathering up Chilean acts for presentation and celebration. Nefast MCMLXXIX (It is 1979, I checked) is one of the newest addditions on the Oratorium roster and by hands of fire they seem to want to burn the world.

One of the more interesting things about this demo is the level of production which rivals most big named studios which try to strip away their sound. Similar to the sound of Behemoth at its most deranged, Ruins of Beverast at its least gloomy, and Blut Aus Nord as its most sensible, Nefast MCMLXXIX makes an impressive presentation which only has upwards to move. Complex, well balanced, and accessible for a diverse audience, this demo is hilariously broadcasting to many demographics. I type this while listening to “Anima Non Per Sanguinem,” which sounds like a blood thirsty congregation hellbent on murder.

This is the end of the year and Nefast MCMLXXIX maybe calling a timeout and resetting int he new year. It is certainly understandable as this entire demo has the potential to break through the many stone ceilings of whatever tomb it has been interred. Perhaps this is the year that everyone searches “MCMLXXIX” seeing what t is referring to.