Husk – Fangs [Italy, Black] (2018)


Death Kvlt Productions | 2-5-18

within the deadzone of album releases, there are moments when future records are released almost in their entirety 2 months early. Welcome Husk, a one man black metal project probably from the UK but not entirely sure (Actually Italy). Fangs is limited to 15 copies and is scheduled to release in February of 2018. What you can hear now, however, is almost the entire demo. If it were not for Death Kvlt being a really cool up and coming label, I would have questions about why they were doing it this way.

Fangs, as a demo, is a wonderful start into a complicated world of seething emotions. Among the suffocating veil of guitar riffs are vocals which feels heavy and moved with a shovel. I know I am making none of this sounds appealing but if you are hear in the forest at night with your hands in the dirt, you might already be ready and willing for this type of music. Husk sounds like atmospheric black metal if it never left the woods and started to freeze to death without a sound.

Fangs is limited to 15 copies for a tape and then 5 for a box set which seems like the tape in a box. Shipping for tapes from the UK can get pricy considering the cost of the demo but in all honesty, 13 dollars for a tape you probably will not get anywhere else is not that egregious. Death Kvlt is also setting itself to be an entity that could be frighting come the new year. Both the label and artist does a wonderful job at introducing a sound which seems to have no where to go but up come 2018.