Sadomagickal Seducer – Testicular Torture [Canada, Black / Doom / Punk] (2019)


Hellhammered Media | 01-31-19

Alright to be completely honest, this EP came out in 2018. It was released sometime in March of last year independently. This is a cassette rerelease by Hellhammered Media. By the looks of it, this band had some recognition upon their initial release but that doesn’t matter since I am writing about this again. Why? Because it is gorgeous in its vileness. Black / Punk is one of my weaknesses and Sadomagickal Seducer style of punk is hypnotic in its tone whose guitars sound menacing and slightly drunk. Add to this the liberal use of synth and we have something I can scare loved ones with. Though the cover is goofier than the original black / pink version and it is really a 2018 release, I am still going to rave about it and call it whatever I want.