Gwoid – Gwoid V – Oiwei Fuat In d’Nacht [Germany, Raw Black / Noise] (2019)


Self Released | 1-29-19

This is wild. This is also something I am starting to really enjoy despite all its attempts to repel listeners. Gwoid is one person raw black / power electronics outfit who has released 4 serialized self titled demos in 2018. Gwoid V is the first for 2019 which alludes to a year full of harrowing black noise. Structurally, Gwoid oscillates between distant black metal and the ever growing collapse of music under the pressure of noise and chaos. Gwoid V is more apart of the black metal family tree than power electronics which is important as one who enjoys raw black could potentially find enjoyment in 18 minute long tracks of chaos. If logos are any indication of the music contained within, Gwoid is erratic, confusing, harrowing, and capable of drawing blood.